Monday, May 21, 2007

Request from eve magazine

I'm forwarding this message on that Laura Shanley posted on MDC...
I’m passing this along for Sharon Wright, a contributing editor for eve magazine. Sharon and I had a wonderful (hour and a half long!) conversation today, and I think she will do a nice job on the article!

"My name is Sharon Wright and I'm writing a report on unassisted childbirth for eve magazine in the UK. eve is a stylish, intelligent, monthly magazine aimed at thinking women in their 30s.

"We are very interested in the whole subject of unassisted childbirth and why and how women choose this path.

"Would you like to share your experience of having an unassisted childbirth, without a midwife or doctor present? I would be particularly interested in speaking to women in their 30s (like our readers), from any country, who were alone by choice when the baby was born.

"Alone might mean by yourself in the room, or maybe with a partner close by. I would love to speak to anyone who actually caught their baby themselves! We'd also like to use photographs of you and your lovely baby, to help convey this amazing experience.

"I can be contacted in the first instance at:

"With all good wishes and thanks in advance,
Sharon Wright
Contributing editor
eve London"


  1. Cool! We need a publication like that here in the US.


  2. Jill, do you know Brain, Child? I don't read it regularly but it is an independent magazine intended for thinking mothers... They have a website too:

  3. Judit,

    thanks for the recommendation on i read an article titled, "Weaning Ella," and had to post my feelings about her elegy to breastfeeding on my blog.

    her story was very well-written. haunting, even, but I think she, like many other mothers, is making herself unhappy in trying to be super-woman (or in buying in to the have-it-all philosophy).

    anyway, if her writing is representative of the magazine, it is certainly thought-provoking and well worth the time. thanks, again.

  4. i emailed. how neat!



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