Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breastfeeding latch video

You can read about how to breastfeed, but sometimes you need to see it in action. When I was pregnant and newly postpartum, I found Dr. Jack Newman's videos extremely helpful.

Thanks to the Motherwear Breastfeeding blog, I found this new video from Ameda teaching how to help your baby attain a proper latch. I like the explanations and illustrations of a shallow versus a deep latch. I love the part showing the baby bobbing its head as it senses the breast is near!


  1. Rixa, thank you! This was wonderful! It really helped-- Eskarina still has a silly/shallow latch and I feel like it is from the way that I have been rushing her to take a sip in between all the insanity that the little boys are causing in the house--- poor baby!

    We are going to go have a nice topless cozy "session" right now. These videos make me so sad for how ridiculous it is to raise kids alone with no support. At first I get so angry, like "yeah, who has time for this shirtless love-fest?" but in my heart I know that it is right and good and it is just SOOOOO hard with all the other kids (and their horrible neighbor hood friends who keep coming to the door!!!!! When and how can I do big rocking chair nursefest when the 9 year old from across the street just let my toddler out into the front yard??????????? God I need some peace)

    sorry. It is a great video and thank you for this.

  2. Joy, enjoy your topless session with gusto! My take on it is--if the neighbor kids come over, make sure to sit RIGHT in full view of the door. That will probably keep them from coming in again without knocking and asking permission. LOL

    About the lack of social support, yeah, I agree, it royally sucks. It makes me want to yell at all of the politicians who espouse "family values" and say--hey dude, why aren't you doing something *really* useful for families, not just this silly lip service?


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