Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Just a few waterbirth videos I've come across recently.

This first one, linked from Bellies and Babies, takes place in St. Thomas Hospital in London.

The second one is a home waterbirth/Hypnobirth. Thanks to one of my commentors for posting the link--I hope you don't mind me re-posting it here!

The last video is a home waterbirth of twins that took place in Australia with Lisa Barrett, (whom I greatly admire). Lisa is a UK-trained midwife who now practices independently in Austraila. I couldn't embed the video directly onto this post, so you'll have to go to Lisa's site to see it.


  1. That's an interesting hospital tub. Looking at the squatting platform and the way the underwater spotlights are aimed in its direction, the tub seems to be designed especially for this position. I wonder if mothers and caregivers feel obligated to have mom push squatting in that spot at every birth. Which is certainly a fine position, but the tub doesn't seem to accommodate other positions as well? I felt the need to shift around between almost every pushing contraction.
    Well anyway, I don't mean to nitpick on the tub. Hooray for the tub. Pretty darn amazing that hospitals do this sort of stuff. And obviously this mom was happy enough with it :)

  2. wow. how beautiful. i had one out of three births that quiet and soft. the other two were like tropical storms. all at home, though, all as they should be.

    love you blog


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