Friday, July 11, 2008

Home birth in the news

Some recent home birth news...

1) Jennifer Block's editorial in the LA Times about the AMA and ACOG resolutions on home birth

2) Chicago Tribune article Docs vs. Documentary

Champion boxer Laila Ali, 30, has had a non-eventful pregnancy so far and has started making plans for the delivery of her baby boy -- who will be named Curtis Muhammad -- in three months. Choosing a road less taken by celebrities these days, Laila is anticipating a "natural homebirth with no medication" and has scheduled a midwife to be by her side... (read more)


  1. Love Jennifer's editorial. She strongly emphasized what I beleive is the strongest argument against legislation--and the one that and Constitution loving Senator/Representative would hold onto--which is that making homebirth illegal is a violation of Constitutional rights.

    Also I'm excited for Laila Ali and to add her to the celebrity homebirthers roll!

  2. A friend of ours delivered his wife's 4th baby from home this past week.


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