Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DIY home birth kit

This is what most people think of when they hear you're giving birth at home:


Thankfully it's not the reality.

I take no credit for this hilarious photo. I found it here.


  1. That knife was AWFUL! Thank goodness that's not how it really is.

  2. I saw this on MDC and about died laughing. We have that same butcher knife!

  3. LOL! Thank goodness it's NOT that way AT ALL! :)

  4. LOL I actually made this "birth kit" as a joke for my babycenter birth board (September 2008) Some of the women on there kept attacking me because I was planning an unassisted birth. So I made this kit in sarcasim in response. Glad to see it's still going around.

  5. Yes, actually a DIY Home Birth Kit exists. I am an acupuncturist with 31 years of practical experience in helping soon-to-be mums get over the hurdle of stalled delivery. I found it very unfortunate that overdue women in remote areas were disadvantaged, and so put the DIY Induction Kit together with them in mind. It involves using ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine procedures that are described in the kit. It is a very user-friendly kit. I supply everything that is required including detailed notes and a link to a very comprehensive video. Please check it out at The good news is that not one of the items in the basin above is in my kit, thank goodness.... Poor mums go through enough as it is!


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