Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eze and Monaco

Last Saturday we went on an excursion to Eze and Monaco. Eze is a medieval village perched on top of a cliff nearly 1,400 feet above sea level. The views are spectacular.

We climbed up a lot of stairs. The entire village is pedestrian-only, since there is nowhere a car could possibly go.

On the very top of the hill is a botanical garden, where I found this lovely sculpture by Jean-Philippe Richard of a pregnant woman, titled "Justine ou Isis." It was accompanied with the following short poem:

Vous m’avez reconnue…
Je suis la même
Et pourtant autre

You have recognized me...
I am the same
And yet different.

Our next visit was to Monaco and Monte-Carlo. We expored Le Rocher (the Rock of Monaco, or just "the rock" in French), on top of which sits the old town, the prince's palace, and the aquarium. Zari was entranced watching all of the fish.

The last stop was, of course, the Monte-Carlo Casino. Yes, the same casino featured in many James Bond films, including Casino Royale.


  1. What beautiful area. I love that statue. Zari looks so old in the picture on the stairs, I wasn't sure if it was even her at first because she seemed so tall!

  2. Wow, Zari has such an educational and cultural childhood!

  3. Isn't it beautiful? This brings back memories... I was in that area in 1991 with my then-boyfriend when my now-husband and I were dating!
    Enjoy every minute of it!

  4. That second picture of her at the aquarium is really beautiful. I reallylike her expression - so contemplative and child-like.

  5. God, just beautiful. Makes me wanna go vacay there right now. I love seeing cities so old that they were built before anyone had any concept of car-sized roads.

  6. Very cool statue and those aquarium shots are just great!

  7. did i already tell you i grew up there??
    man i am sooooo jealous


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