Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home Made: Inside Baltimore's Home Birth Underground

An in-depth look at home birth in Baltimore, the article Home Made is worth reading.

ETA: The link hasn't been working recently, but I found the full text reprinted on this blog post.


  1. I was actually really impressed with that article. I was supposed to call and talk to that reporter but like a complete goober, I totally forgot all about it until Nichole let me know it was published. OOPS! I was so surprised to see such a well done article on the issues surrounding birth there, considering the scene in that city in general (that's where I'm from and where I had both my girls). Pretty amazing!

  2. Great article! I read it earlier from a different source, but am just now reading the commentary. Very interesting debate going on! ;)

  3. Weird, the links are dead and I can't even get to it through google....

  4. Thanks, I did finally get it to work yesterday. A great read, and heartening to read in (what I assume is) a mainstream paper.


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