Thursday, January 22, 2009

2-3T Sleeveless Dress Pattern & Tutorial

I bought this green linen dress from a thrift store and liked it so much that I wanted to make another one. I made a pattern by laying the dress out flat and tracing the seam lines. The tag was so faded that I couldn't make out the size, but I am guessing it's a 2T or 3T. Zari wore it last summer and it was a bit on the big side.

Here's the new dress I made from the pattern:

If you'd like to make this dress yourself, I turned the pattern into a PDF file: 2-3T Sleeveless Dress Pattern. Follow the tutorial below for sewing instructions.

Sleeveless Dress Tutorial

* Please note that all pattern pieces show actual stitching lines, NOT seam allowances. Be sure to add seam allowances before cutting out fabric. (I like 3/8" or 1/2" for small children's clothing.)
  • Cut out fabric as indicated on pattern, remembering to add seam allowances (except on center fold lines, bottom facing [blue line], and ruffle pieces).
  • With right sides together, join shoulder seams on front & back body pieces. Do the same for front & back facing.
  • Serge, pink, or zig-zag long the bottom of the facing (blue line on pattern).
  • With right sides together, join body and facing at neck and arm holes, leaving side seams open. Clip the inner curves, turn right side out, and press.
  • With right sides together, join side seams. Serge/pink raw edges and press to one side.
  • On the side seams, stitch in the ditch to anchor the facing pieces down.
  • Serge center back edges on each back body piece.
  • Sew back seam on the bottom, leaving the zipper area unstitched. Serge/pink raw edges and press to one side.
  • Join ruffle pieces into one long loop, fold in half and press. Gather and stitch onto bottom edge of dress. Serge or zigzag.
  • Apply zipper.
  • You're done!


  1. OOOOOH! Darling! I like the one you made much better!

  2. I agree, I think the one you made is cuter. I love making clothes for my daughter using existing clothes as patterns like this.

  3. EXTREMELY cool and cute. I will be trying this dress next year for lil miss.

  4. I really like that dress. I'll definitely be using that pattern (though smaller) to make some for Rachel this next summer. She'll be adorable in them.

    By the way, the one you made is wonderful. Where did you get your fabric?

  5. I do this for my 3 year old daughter too! I just made her a tunic top from one I saw in a shop. Am planning on trying your pattern too, thanks for that! x

  6. It was on clearance at JoAnn's. I wanted to use it to make a sling, but there wasn't enough left on the bolt for that. It's a cotton/linen blend with red embroidery.

  7. very nice, you did a great job just by eye sight.


  8. Hi! I made this dress for our local sewalong by young sewing moms here in Malaysia. Love the result! Thank you for sharing the pattern and wonderful tutorial :)

    I blog about it here :

  9. This maybe way too late as this was posted over 4 years ago but I just found a link to this dress on Pinterest. I have a question about the construction.

    After sewing the facing to the front/back combo, how do you turn them right side out? If you've stitched around the neck and armholes, is that possible? I'm trying to picture this in my head but can't figure it out. Usually I can "see" what needs to be done but not this time. Do you have to turn it inside out through the shoulder straps? I'm a little confused as you can see.

    Thanks for any response.

    1. I get what you're asking--I remember having the same questions myself--but I can't quite visualize how I did it since it's been so long.

      One easy option is to edge the neck & arm holes with bias binding (purchased or made from the same fabric). Just be sure to subtract the seam allowance on the neck & arm holes if you do that.

  10. Thanks for the reply. I might just have to experiment with some scrap fabric.


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