Monday, January 05, 2009

Anyone with graphic design/web design skills?

I've been wanting to open a real, professional-looking website for my Second Womb Slings. I recently purchased a domain name ( and am ready to put a website together. Is there anyone out there with graphic design/web design skills who would be interested in helping me design a website template and/or logo in exchange for a beautiful handmade sling? Once I have a good template, logo, and overall "look," I can design the rest of the web pages with the web design software I have. I want something that's sophisticated, hip, and beautiful. Nothing too cheesy or cutesy.

If you're interested in trading skills, please email me!


  1. Hey, you've won the Honest Scrap Award! Go to my blog to claim it!

  2. were you pregnant when you had the food poisoning? if so, did you 'do' anything special, or just rest, hydrate and heal?

    I had a bout with food poisoning last night. ugh.

  3. I have found some good ones on Just search 'web design' or 'blog design' and there are a lot out there...browse their portfolios and find a style you like. :)

  4. Yes, very much so! (Since it was just a few weeks ago). Rest, hydrate, and heal sums it up. As soon as I had emptied myself out totally, I started drinking water and orange juice and, in the morning, electrolyte drinks as well. I didn't eat much for the first couple days, just tiny bites as much as I could stomach.

  5. I'm 16 weeks, (18 by LMP) so you probaby weren't too much further alone than me.

    I'm feeling 'almost' normal this morning. I had JUST started feeling better (HG subsiding)! You'd think I'd be the last person on earth who deserved food poisoning ;)

  6. See if you like the style of this artist:

    She's LDS also living in WA.

  7. Longtime lurker here...

    Before you start a full-fledged site to sell your slings, I wanted to warn you about the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

    Basically, it prohibits anyone to sell products intended for use or contact with children under 13 unless they have been tested and approved first to be lead and phlatate-free.

    This would require you to first test every kind of thread, fabric and ring you use before you could sell them legally. Fines are up to $100,000 for each infraction with a max of $15 million.

    This act goes into effect on Feb. 10th for all newly manufactured items and is being referred to as "National Bankruptcy Day".

    You can learn more at,, /wiki/Consumer_Product_Safety_Improvement_Act,, and

    I'd hate to see you go to the trouble of creating your site, only to find you couldn't legally sell your slings anymore.


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