Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sewing up a storm

I made Zari a ring sling yesterday to match mine. She loves it.

Zari in "mama's sling" when she was about four months old.

A sling I sewed yesterday for my sister-in-law, who had her fifth baby a few weeks ago.

A recent Second Womb order:

And a sling I made today, just for kicks. I like it so much I might need to make another one for myself! It's white embroidered linen with a black linen band at the end of the tail. It has black sling rings and black embroidery across the pleats.


  1. Rixa, I love the white and black sling. Fabulous design. I really like a lot of the slings that you made recently.

  2. Gorgeous! I especially like the one you made for your SIL. :)

  3. Your slings are so beautiful, Rixa. Wearable works of art. I really like the color combination of the cream sling with the copper rings. Actually, I like all of them, and Zari looks very happy with hers.

  4. Wow. You must have a better relationship with your sewing machine than I do! And Zari with her sling is so cute!

  5. all stunning! great work.

  6. Beautiful! And right now, Zari looks a lot like Eric - with a good dash of Rixa cuteness thrown in for good measure! :)


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