Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow day

We're warming up from last week's cold snap. It's finally nice enough to enjoy being outside. We showed Zari how to throw snowballs a few days ago. Today I taught her to eat snow. She gave me this really skeptical look when I handed her a piece and told her to eat it. Her first bite was hesitant. But then a big smile spread across her face and for the next several minutes that's all she wanted to do. "Eating snow, mama!" she would tell me. We also made big drawings of shapes and animals in the snow with our feet. I'd stomp out a shape, and she'd announce what it was and then trace my footsteps around and around.


  1. awww, such a sweet little girl!

  2. YUMMY... eating snow is always a fun thing to do. I know my children were excited to get outside today and play also. I was not able to go out with because of baby Deacon, but they had a blast anyway.
    They are really looking forward to tomorrow being it is suppose to be 44 degrees outside.
    Mommy is not looking forward to the muddy shoes and paw prints.


  3. I really do miss the snow, since it rarely snows in DC. We still get the dirty salt, but no snow.

  4. Such a great pic of Zari! I love your new blog look. :)

  5. I can imagine her look when you told her to eat snow. Such a sweet little girl.

  6. You are a super fun mom. I ike the snow but I hate when it is like 5 below out!

    Keep up the fun times and I love this picture of little Zari.

  7. Enjoy the 'balmy' low 30's, you worked hard to get there, LOL.
    My silly girl didn't wait for me to encourage her to eat snow...


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