Saturday, January 10, 2009

Study on Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

The University of Southern California is conducting a study on the genetics of HG (excessive vomiting during pregnancy). If you have suffered from HG, you may be eligible to participate:
HG Researchers need your help! This study is designed to identify individuals affected with HG, to study epidemiologic factors via an online survey, to collect DNA samples from saliva through the mail at no cost or travel for you, and to search for genes and risk factors that may be potentially associated with this condition. To be eligible, you must have suffered from HG and had treatment for your HG that includes i.v. hydration, TPN or other form of non-oral feeding (ie nasogastric feeding), OR both, and are able to recruit a friend with at least 2 pregnancies who has NOT suffered from HG to serve as a control. If you live in the United States and are interested, please contact Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, PhD at or 310-210-0802. Download the USC Consent Form (108 Kb PDF) for more details about the study.
If anyone needs a "control friend," I would be happy to sign up with you! To learn more about the study and the Help HER foundation, click here.


  1. had to go get an IV all five pregnancies...thanks for the idea! I would love to help others somehow.

  2. I had Hyperemesis with my pregnancy. It was grim, the weight loss really scared me, I was so worried about the baby. I felt much better right after the c-section ( which I had because he was a footling breech when my waters broke, not related to the hyperemesis) in post-op, nurses said that they had never seen a woman feeling so well, I just laughed and said that for the 1st time in 9 mos I wasn't nauseous or throwing up or worried the baby was starving. Zofran helped me a little and I had some IV's to rehydrate. I am planning to have another baby and midwife says that I have 50% chance of a reoccurence of the hyperemesis. I am hope to get lucky and start zofran earlier and more aggressively if recommended, I really put off taking it because I wanted everything to be natural and I will line up a perinatologist and extra help with my son and our home. I would be happy to help with this if it would help another woman.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I suffered from hypremisis with my fist pregnancy, and I am now pregnant with my second suffering from it as well.

    Thankfully, Unisom makes me able to operate. If I do not take it, I vomit 40+ times per day. I'd love to help other women out with this problem. I think I can find 2 controls. Thank you. I contacted them

  4. I also had hyperemesis, and I'd like to do this. BTW Vistaril is the only med that worked for me -I tried them all :( . I felt HORRIBLE taking so much medication in my first and second trimester, but my potassium and sodium were really messed up so I had to do it. Thankfully my son was healthy.

  5. I would be glad to serve as a control.

  6. I had hyperemesis in 2004 with my first pregnancy(sadly ended in miscarraige)unrelated to hyperemesis...again with my second pregnancy in 2005. As you all know it was horrifying!I was on TPN by my 6th week and admitted to the hospital for a week then sent home on TPN and home health care nurse for the duration of my pregnancy. My liver was real bad by my 20th week,torn esophogus from vomiting etc,etc. My pic line fell out from me rubbing my arm so much at 8mths. I thought I was going to die. My baby girl was born healthy and perfectly fine.

  7. I have just stumbled across this. I am from Australia, I had severe HG with my first child and am now looking at planning a second pregnancy. I have found little to no research about chances of having it again. I know this is 2 years after the call out was issues, but if volunteers are still needed, I am definitely willing to help (I also have a family history of HG, my mum had it with all of her pregnancies)

  8. Hi Rixa, - it's Val Perry (now Rendel). I see I'm a few years late to this conversation, but would love to hear what you know about HG (especially in this post-Kate-Middleton age) and possibly ask for you for a statement I could publish. In particular, have you come across anything to support the idea that HG somehow correlates to the number of progesterone receptors in organs?

    1. Hi Val,
      I just don't know enough about HG to give you an answer...not quite my area of expertise! I hope you can find an answer.


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