Friday, September 19, 2008

Media coverage of Newman Clinic

A blog reader sent me this link to a recent story about the Newman Clinic's search for funding:
Lack Of Funding Threatens To Close Respected Toronto Breastfeeding Clinic.

An excerpt from the article:

Kernerman said along with a lack of consistent breastfeeding education across the province, many women still feel uneasy nursing in public, and that needs to change in order to improve breastfeeding success rates.

"Breastfeeding, like walking, is natural, but it's a learned behaviour. And so when your child goes and falls the first few times you're not going to say, okay, that's it, it's off to crutches for the rest of your life. No, you're going to pick that child up and you're going to learn how to walk with that child and that child will learn to walk with you," she said.

"And it's the same with breastfeeding. We need to learn, we need to learn by watching women around us breastfeed and we don't see women breastfeed because women are afraid to do it out in public."

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  1. when i had my firs baby 14 years ago, breastfeeding in public was still a taboo, with regular reports in the media about women being asked in restaurants, in malls etc to please go breastfeed somewhere 'private', usually the toilets. At 24 i used to stare defiantly around me when feeding in these places daring anyone to say something knowing that although i may not have had public opinion on my side, he law was. Now things have changed considerably, with most recognising its a babies right to feed whenever and wherever. Public campaigns have helped.


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