Sunday, September 21, 2008

Treat us like women, not children

Nicole from Bellies and Babies wrote a great post about how pregnant women should be treated as competent, thinking adults. And if they aren't, they should do something about it. It's the kind of post that makes me stand up a little taller and go "Mm-hm, yeah!"

This goes beyond questions of home or hospital, midwife or doctor, natural or medicated. Nicole's own story illustrates the wide range in treatment she received from two family doctors and an obstetrician. It's about asserting our fundamental need for respect, for being treated as autonomous adults capable of making our own decisions.

1 comment:

  1. I agree totally, but I'd rather we be treated like autonomous, capable humans (not excluding children)...I know that my son is autonomous and capable of making his own decisions as well ;)

    It's a shame that we should have to phase it as "treat us like women, not children"...we ALL are entitled to basic human rights and children shouldn't be treated like second class citizens anymore than expecting women.


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