Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thandie Newton on pregnancy and birth

The Sunday Times recently interviewed Thandie Newton about her new role as Condoleezza Rice. She said this about her pregnancies and births:
Within a month [after turning down a role in Charlie's Angels] she’d fallen pregnant with her first daughter, Ripley. “People talk about pregnant women as if they’ve gone a bit mad,” she says. “You know, ‘She’s a bit hormonal.’ But I felt as though I’d been introduced to myself for the first time. You become totally uncompromising, wild and fierce.”

She gave birth to both her girls at home in a birth pool. “Birth is very challenging in the best way possible. Every fibre of your being is alive. It’s like you are conducting electricity; literally creating something. I’d like to give birth every year if I could, just for that experience.”


  1. Hmm, I love how she put it. "Every fiber of your being is alive". How true.

  2. I felt like that about becoming a mother in general ("being introduced to myself . . .").

    Hey, thought you might be interested in this great breech, natural (in a hospital) birth story:


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