Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sick and tired

Zari and I are coming down with something. Symptoms include headache, runny nose, sore & scratchy throat, sneezing, achey body, and restless sleep. Bleh. Plus when I'm sick I get really thirsty, which means I wake up every hour at night to pee.

And we have crickets. Sometimes they come into our bedroom and then we have to hunt them down at 1 am because they are so loud we can't sleep.

I just want to curl up in bed and sleep all day.


  1. I get the thirstiness too, it's usually the first symptom along with a general blahness. I thought it was only me :)
    Feel better soon! so depressing that the sick season is coming already.

  2. I'm sorry you're sick. I hope you are able to get some extra sleep, though that seems to be harder to get when you have little ones in the house.

    I hope you aren't already tired from your pregnancy. I'm still so thrilled about that for you.

  3. I highly recommend sticky traps for the crickets. They are these pads of really sticky stuff, and the crickets innocently jump onto them, get stuck, and die. After awhie you just throw the entire trap (filled with bugs) away.

    We used these at our old house and it really helped keep all the critters to a minimum. Just be glad you don't have sprickets (large, large crickets that crawl like spiders and then JUMP right at you). It is freaky.

  4. of course with the sticky traps, watch zari. if she's as nosey and curious as i was then she'll stick her hand in the trap and it will take QUITE a lot of effort to get it off!!!


  5. mommymichael--speaking from experience?

  6. oh yes!! and i wasn't even her age, i was a bit older! hehe

  7. We get crickets, too! We just moved way, WAY out into the country. There is one in our house and we just CANNOT find him. He's not in our bedroom though, thank goodness!

  8. We used to have cricket problems until we got cats. Now we hear a chirp, pitter patter of kitty feet, silence, a pounce, and then crunching.

    I hope you all feel better soon, being sick is miserable. I dread winter and sicky germs...

  9. We have had TERRIBLE crickets on my parents' farm the last couple years. The ground in the garden is just a solid mass of moving blackness. It's nasty. And these crickets certainly come in the house. By the hundreds, through cracks we can't identify despite endless checking. They get in the walls, the ceilings, the light fixtures, and the attic, and they were dropping from the vents of the exhaust fan in the bathroom (which we covered over with packing tape so they can't drop down onto us anymore). They run across the kitchen counter. They lie in wait under the dish drying rack. They hang on the drapes. And of course they hide in all the more traditional places as well.

    I'll admit we use a lot of very awful toxic chemicals in an attempt to control them and the dead ones lie in drifts around the outside perimeter of the house. (It's not just our place; lots of other houses and even businesses in town are infested.)

    I guess that's meant to make you feel better about having only a few. Cricket solidarity.

  10. I was just remarking this morning on the lack of crickets in our new home. They seemed to live in the walls of the old apartment--and in the kitchen cupboards! I really didn't mind the chirping, but I did NOT like finding cricket droppings in my kitchen!


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