Wednesday, April 01, 2020

French quarantine day 13

13,281 steps

Poisson d'avril!

Ivy and I cleaned the communist apartment underneath us all morning. Ivy was AMAZING. She scrubbed mold and nasty dried-up unidentifiable organic substances off the walls and ceiling. And she kept up a running stream of chatter the whole time. Who knew cleaning could be so fun?

Over here on April Fool's day, you celebrate it by playing pranks and yelling "poisson d'avril!" When school is going, kids stick paper fish on each others' backs.

Dio pranked me tonight--I was clearing cups off the table after dinner and one of the cups was upside down. I lifted it up and whoosh! A whole cup of water splashed all over the table and floor. I was NOT expecting it so I *might* have yelled and Dio *might* have started crying. But then we made up. I told him, "Too bad no one was filming that--you really surprised me!"

Inga and Ivy tied Zari's bedroom door shut and took off her blanket and sheets. She was NOT impressed and went to bed grumbling.


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