Friday, May 22, 2020

French déconfinement day 12

9,474 steps

I've been trying to mail something this week and keep getting to the post office at the wrong time, or going to the wrong one, or showing up on a holiday. Maybe tomorrow I'll succeed...everything is hard to figure out with covid-19 changes.

We babysat one of Ivy's friends, a girl 2 years younger who was in her mixed-age class last year. She's one of my favorite children to have over. Our kids have a new little sister to play with who is super adorable, and it also forces them to speak in French all day.

And we had some other friends come over in the morning so I could show their mom how to make sourdough bread & feed the starter.

And we met up with 2 more of Ivy's friends at the beach, totally by accident. These fortunate accidents happen nearly every day in Old Nice.

When we arrived at the beach, the police were once again making their way down the shore, reminding everyone that it was a "plage dynamique." Some people got up and left. A few went in the water. Everyone else waited a few minutes and sat back down. The police were super nice--joking with Eric about how using a wetsuit was cheating, showing off their farmer's tans. Eric also got interviewed by a reporter for France 2 about his opinions on the beach rules.

When I was putting Ivy to bed, she asked if all of her friends could come over for a sleepover. I said no...but we did have fun figuring out where they all would sleep.

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