2012 Heads Up! Breech Conference, Washington, DC
~ Presented a session titled "Connecting the Dots: The Future of Birth Advocacy"

2012 Human Rights in Childbirth Conference, The Hague, Netherlands
~ Invited to attend as an Honored Guest

2011 Home Birth Consensus Summit, Warrenton, VB
~ Represented the Home Birth Consumer and Consumer Representative stakeholder groups

2011 Lamaze Conference, "Steering Change for a Safe and Healthy Birth" in Ft. Worth, TX
~ Presented a conference session about a "Proactive Approach to Breastfeeding"

2010 Lamaze/ICEA Mega Conference, "The Future of Birth," in Milwaukee.
~ Presented research on attitudes towards home birth in the US

2009 International Breech Conference in Ottawa, Canada
~ Presented research on women's experiences of breech birth

2009 Lamaze Conference, "Celebrating the Magic of Normal Birth," in Orlando, FL
~ Invited to receive Lamaze International's Annual Media Award

2008 Trust Birth Conference in Redondo Beach, CA

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