Monday, December 18, 2006

Nurse Here Now

I just came across the Nurse Here Now site. I would like to add a resounding "AMEN!"

I breastfeed openly whenever Zari needs to eat. So far, I have nursed:
  • In the hospital lobby waiting to get her PKU test done
  • On a display couch in World Market. When I said I was going to nurse her, Eric said, "But what if they ask you to leave?" I said, "Then they better be prepared for a nurse-in and national publicity about kicking a breastfeeding mother out of their store." Fortunately I got no hassles there. I give the couch an A+ after its test run. It was very comfortable.
  • While watching Casino Royale at the movie theater. She was an angel!
  • At the annual holiday dinner for the liberal arts college where Eric works
  • At a humanities division social
  • In the pews during our church's sacrament meeting
  • In the lobby of our church during the meeting (she was being loud and fussy) and after church, when everyone was milling around
  • During our church's Christmas party & dinner, while I was eating. Talk about multi-tasking, eh?
  • At various church youth functions (I am involved with the teenaged girls)
When I was shopping at the mall a few days ago, I saw those leather massage recliners you pay to use. I soooo wanted to nurse there, but Zari wasn't hungry. Maybe next time.

It's fine if women want to cover up, but I don't and I won't. Sorry Mom, but I will not force my daughter to endure the indiginity of eating with a blanket over her head. My mom is a big proponent of breastfeeding, but thinks that women ought to cover up while in public.

By the way, I really really really want this Breastfeeding Goddess Calendar. Hint hint for you procrastinators out there! Also, here are links to more of her breastfeeding and cesarean artwork.


  1. Amen! So far I've only nursed Logan at the pediatrician's office and all over home of course. I nursed Gage on planes, in theatres, restaurants, and conventions. Yaya.

  2. Yay nursing!

    Great picture btw. When mine did the fisty face thing, they'd get so frustrated by the graze of the cheek that caused them to root that way, not rtealizing ut was their own wee fist. I'd try to trap them somehow but the wiggle of the newborn is amazingly powerful, as you know!

    She's just beautiful!

  3. I breastfed while walking around once at Whole Foods Market in NYC. One elderly woman saw me, looked down, cocked her head... figured it out. looked back up at my eyes, smiled, winked, and gave me a thumbs up. That was the BEST breastfeeding moment I've ever had. Well, that and the first time we finally figured out breastfeeding and he latched on correctly and it was pain free for me. That was a month after he was born.

  4. While I never felt it was an "indiginity by eating with a blanket over her head" I always covered up to keep my babies quiet and nursing. They always want to look around and latch and unlatch and I can't stand that! LOL. I nurse where ever when ever, and I did see a woman in my Kroger store pushing a cart with one hand and nursing breast in full view style, and I made me think I had run into you for a second! People are too prudish these days! But every woman should be proud to nurse covered or uncovered!


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