Friday, May 11, 2007

Join the WOMAN challenge

Join with me in the WOMAN Challenge 2007. Starting on Mother's Day, for National Women's Health Week, the Office on Women's Health will sponsor an 8-week national physical activity challenge. You record your progress in either minutes, miles, or steps per day on a virtual cross-country route of your choice.

I've started running again after a long hiatus (walking and swimming were my main pregnancy exercises). It feels good! Zari comes for the ride in our Chariot Cougar 1 and Zeke runs alongside me.

Let's get moving!


  1. Cool Rixa...I didn't realize you got a Cougar 2 as well, I thought you got the single seater. Laura is getting her Cougar 2 on Monday. Someday we'll have to get together and bike, run and hike like crazy!

  2. nope, it was a to correct the mistake.

  3. As soon as you design a running bra that would actually DO something for me, I'll join in (lol) :)

  4. Yeah! I'm very excited about this.

    People can register on their own, or they're welcome on the BF Babes team (they don't have to be breastfeeding, or even a woman!). See link below.



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