Monday, June 18, 2007


After a hair-raising drive to the Marseilles airport--we got there with about 2 minutes to spare--we arrived in London this morning. We must have walked about 10 miles today, with Zari in the sling. Life is easy when you 1) have a sling 2) breastfeed and 3) have a Baby Bjorn Little Potty in your backpack: no need to pack food, haul around a stroller, or worry about running out of diapers.

We're taping the show tomorrow morning, and it will air on Wednesday. All 3 of us will be on the show (unless Zari is fussy). I think you can watch the program at GMTV's website.

I bought a copy of Grazia magazine at the airport, and I was quite pleased with the article, although a few of the changes I suggested didn't make it in the final copy. There are some great photos of me and Zari. I don't know if this is a praise or insult, but the end of the article is next to a photo of Paris Hilton (ugh, please, can't we read about someone else??). I'm going to contact Grazia about putting a copy up on this blog, since my North American readers can't buy the magazine.


  1. Glad you made it - hope you're enjoying London! I can't wait to see the interview...have fun! I'll check their website for the tape. If nothing else, you'll have to scan the Grazia article for we State-side readers.

  2. the article was very good. It was interesting to read an article on the subject in a mainstream/fashion magazine.

    Well done!

    Freebirths might very well become more frequent in the UK if the government pushes ahead with the insurance reform.

    It's a shame the reader's response published this week is negative and totally missing the point.

  3. I'll have to check out the reader's responses when I'm in the airport tonight. The interview, by the way, went okay but the doctor who they invited on the show took a lot more time than they had planned on. We were supposed to have 4-5 minutes, and then he was supposed to hvae a minute or so at the end. He ended up taking at least half the time and bringing up all sorts of irrelevant things such as how dangerous childbirth is in 3rd world countries. He was actually much nicer off-screen, and much less harsh about things. I just wish that the show had invited someone who knew what they were talking about. He'd probably never even heard of UC until a few days ago, and suddenly he's the "expert" opposing view?

  4. I hope you can post the Grazia article, I'd love to read it! Hope I can catch the interview... that must have been exciting, but frustrating.

  5. is there a link to the show? I tried to find it on the website but couldn't.


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