Sunday, August 19, 2007

Going to Arizona!

Zari and I are going to Arizona in a few weeks to visit a good friend and to attend a short birth conference. I've never been to the Southwest before, so I am sure it will be an adventure. I anticipate lots of fun in the swimming pool and late-night conversations while we nurse our babies. Well, maybe until 10 pm, because that's about as late as I can keep myself awake these days!

Also in the works is a Quadruple B get-together (Birth & Babies Bed & Breakfast) that I will be hosting at our B&B this fall. Once I've decided on the date, I will post details here and perhaps some of my IRL and virtual friends would like to come visit for a long weekend. Hint hint...start saving your pennies now! Free accommodations at my Arts & Crafts B&B, of course! We'll have lots of nurslings, lots of girl talk, and of course lots of good birth stories to pass around.


  1. Hey Rixa,

    I'm in AZ right now while hubby does PhD at ASU. . . you'll like it, but it's still hot.

    I love your blog--ran across it from Kelley's.

    Love, Chalice Leaman
    (byu freshman year)

  2. Can't wait :) And LOL on the late nights...

  3. The Nuturing Hearts conference, or the big Lamaze one? I'm trying to decide if I want to sign up for the NH conference.


  4. Just Nurturing Hearts. I didn't realize there was a Lamaze conference going on too.

    Hi Chalice, by the way! It's been what...10 years or so? I am staying in Mesa so I won't be far from you. Perhaps we could meet up at a park or something? Or whatever you desert-dwellers do during the hot summers!

  5. Ohhh. I'm on the list for azdoulas and yet I missed that we were having a miniconference? I doubt I can dig up $75 in the next few days, but man if I can I would just LOVE to go.


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