Saturday, November 03, 2007

Exercise update

Just ran 11 miles and I feel good. Last Saturday I tried to run, but I was super weak from the nasty illness I'd had and only made it about 2 miles. Next Saturday, weather permitting, will be my half-marathon! I figure it shouldn't be too hard to go from 11 to 13 miles. Plus the week after is a big get-together and the screening of "The Business of Being Born," so I wanted to finish my running before then.

Housefairy and Kelley: how is your exercising coming?


  1. Rixa, good for you!
    Did you hear that the winner of the NYC Marathon has a 10-month-old baby?
    "NEW YORK (AP) -- Paula Radcliffe outlasted Gete Wami to win the New York City Marathon on Sunday, her first marathon in two years after giving birth in January."

  2. Wow, way to go mama! I am quite impressed.

  3. Rixa,
    My exercise has dropped into nothing. I'm so tired right now that I've put my kids to bed, though it is 6:36 pm, and I intend to be in bed by 7:00. Exercise has become completely non-existent.

  4. Kelley
    I totally know what you mean.
    I actually got regular excercise when M was 2-3 months old. I managed to wake up before kids in the morning and do 20 minutes of yoga. Not a huge deal, but it made me feel human, ykwim?

    Now she doesn't nap in the afternoon any more, so neither do I. I'm just beat all day, every day, and I can barely drag myself out of bed when my kids need me!

  5. I suck, too. I havent done anything except walk a little bit.

    Ill explain more when I see you
    (SO EXCITED P.s.)

    But I am way proud of you and think you are amazing!!!

  6. Good luck on your half-marathon, Rixa. I'm so excited for you.

    Go Rixa!!!!

  7. Yeah...Rixa, I'm really impressed. Personally, I'm with Kelley and Judit! Waking every 45 minutes all night long to screaming is definitely not conducive to exercising.

  8. Hey, I totally understand being in survival mode. (Although I have noticed that I feel more energized because of my regular running...) Your first priority is your mental sanity and physical health and your SLEEP.

  9. Ah... sleep. It is a wonderful thing.


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