Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bouncy ball!

We finally made it to Canada last night after many days of traveling. We broke up the long drive and visited three of our siblings and their children along the way. This video was taken at stop #3 at Eric's sister's house. She has two young children and another on the way. This was the first time Zari had ever seen her cousins.

It's a chilly -15 (Celsius) today. Eric is stranded right now and waiting for roadside assistance to arrive; the fuel lines froze in our VW diesel Golf and then the battery died after he put in a diesel antifreeze. Luckily he's only a few miles away and his dad is helping out with his car and cell phone. (And actually it was Eric's mom who was driving the car when the fuel lines the middle of helping another of his sisters and her family move.)


  1. Hi Rixa
    I'm glad you made it here safely, with the Ontario storm on it's way tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting you on Thursday at Tabitha's!

  2. Brrrr. I'm glad you're safely there. I hope your car is alright, too.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hooray! So good to read that you're safe and sound...and freezing because you're so close by!

    Let me know if you are nervous about driving across the city in the car now -- I can go collect you and Zari if that's easiest.

    See you on Thursday and looking forward to it!


  4. So glad you all made the trip safely! Such a cute video!!!

  5. Tabitha,

    The car is working today, but I might take you up on your offer if it dies again! Would it be much out of your way?

  6. RYC: Yeah, I pegged it as such the minute I saw the comments, which I didn't even bother posting: something about how she knew someone who had a HBAC and the baby died, and then called me ignorant. In a nutshell. Haha!

    I remember when those notes showed up here too. Sheesh! If only people understood that we would actually respect their words if they would just sign their name.

    Hey, I didn't know you had all those other blogs! *goes off to read*

  7. Well, most of them I haven't got going yet!

  8. Hi Rixa,

    It would suit just fine :).

    How 'bout we talk tomorrow afternoon? Is there a number you can email me so I can call you at your in-laws' place, or should I call your cell?

    Let me know. Talk to you tomorrow,



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