Thursday, February 07, 2008

Responses to ACOG (updated!)

Responses are rolling in! Let me know if you see any others and I will post them:


  1. What a horrific statement by ACOG. I have written my own diatribe on my blog about it. Sick, sick, sick. I took offense to the entire piece. Thank you for bringing awareness on this matter!

  2. It's nice to see that ACOG statement get the shredding-apart that it so richly deserved. I don't think it's really aimed at us, though; otherwise, they would have put at least a modicum of effort into getting their facts straight.

    It's also interesting to compare the ACOG positions on amniocentesis and home birth: they recently said that all pregnant women should have the option of getting an amniocentesis to check for birth defects. The current miscarriage rate given for amnios is a little worse than the number I've heard for the home birth neonatal death rate. So home birth could very well be safer than amniocentesis for the baby. Yet which one do they launch diatribes against? Go figure.

  3. I caved in and wrote a response too. Now I am an hour behind in making dinner! :P

  4. Thank you for compiling responses to the ACOG statement. I just wrote one, too. I'm kind of excited about how easily they quiver in fear at media regarding home birth.

  5. So glad Tina Cassiday and Jennifer Block responded- I sent them a link to the "statement." No idea if that played any role in the timing of their repsonses, but I like to feel involved. :)
    You three are what I consider the voice of our generation!
    I'm not sure if the ACOG knows what's coming their way!
    I sent them a note, too
    Thanks so much!

  6. I agree that the ACOG statement was horrific. But it's too bad that the statement issued by "The Big Push for Midwives" is demeaning in its own way: "If every state were to follow ACOG’s recommendations and outlaw CPM’s, families who choose homebirth will be left with no care providers at all. I think we can all agree that this is an irresponsible policy which puts mothers and babies at risk."

    As a woman who has had all her babies unassisted, I certainly don't feel I or my babies were at risk. Nor do I feel that midwives who choose not to be licensed and regulated are putting mothers and babies at risk. Yes, CPM's should be able to legally attend homebirths in every state. But families should also be free to have lay midwives or no midwives at all.

  7. Yes, I agree Laura, that The Big Push also slants the scenario for its own political expediency. Midwives in my home state have played the "unassisted birth as dangerous" card in order to persuade lawmakers to license midwives, even though several of them personally don't feel UC is dangerous. But in a way I also agree with The Big Push in that it's not an ideal situation when a woman is *forced* to UC because of a lack of midwives. That would not be an ideal situation, since I think UC is something that needs to be chosen freely, not out of desperation or lack of alternatives.

  8. I also posted my own thoughts on the statement. Beware: the facitiouness might offend. Or it could make you laugh!

  9. I love your description of my post. Earthy indeed. lol.

  10. Since i am giving birth in December this year, I was looking at detailed info on the net to decide where I should give birth. To be honest, most of the benefits of a homebirth far outweigh a hospital birth.
    So with all the videos,books,net info and verbal info I accrued, I was wondering WHY I HADN'T SEEN A VIDEO DOCUMENTARY THAT WOULD COUNTER THE MANY HOMEBIRTH VIDEO DOCUMENTARIES that I have also viewed.

    Being the most impactive media form one could use to get quick attention, why has the ACOG not been generous or kind enough to inform women in this way?

    I asked them 29th October 08. They have yet to email me a response other than asking me whom I am, who I am affiliated with,my postal address and why I want such information. (It seemed rather defensive of them after I'd already posted the request of information - and then I was asked to email my personal details (like it would make a difference). Out of my curiosity I also asked them why the need for my personal info since I was a mere member of the public wishing to know helpful information for my birth in December. It's not like I'm 'out to get them' or anything. I just want to be informed.

    Maybe they have nothing to back up what they are saying,maybe the numerous natural and philosophical videos and docu's we are seeing are simply a tidal wave of nature, and you know we shouldn't mess with nature,right?

    What will they think of next? Oh, I know, maybe they will try to get a ban on Youtubers posting natural births....t t t


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