Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering Conference

I just received notice of this one-time conference to be held this coming spring at the University of Oregon:
Philosophical Inquiry into Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering.

The conference will be primarily philosophical in focus, but we also invite interdisciplinary scholarship from fields outside of philosophy including, but not limited to, sociology, psychology, women’s and gender studies, and health care related fields.

May 14-16, 2009
At the University of Oregon

Keynote Speakers:
Eva Kittay, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Lisa Guenther, Vanderbilt University

Invited Speaker:
Andrea O’Reilly, the Association for Research on Mothering, York University

Call for Papers:
Submit abstracts for papers or panels.
Approximately 750 words.
Due January 31 at 5pm.
Email submissions or questions to :
Include a cover sheet with name, institution, department, & contact information.
Document should be submitted in MS Word (.doc file).
For additional information please click here.
Anyone who would like to receive a poster or postcard version of the CFP can email


  1. Wow, somebody give me a clue as to what a philosophical approach to pregnancy and mothering would be! This sounds fascinating, but I'm coming up totally empty when I brainstorm for 'keywords' in my head? I guess it is ethics? I can easily imagine a discipline of Ethics of Birth and Mothering. But wow, what are those related "epistemological and metaphysical concerns" that the call for papers alludes to? Are you planning to attend, Rixa? Oh wait, you'll prolly be busy with something else in May?

  2. Alas, I will probably not be able to attend/present since I should have a 1-2 week old at that point. Too bad, though, since it would be really fascinating.

    I think by philosophical it simply means it's not simply a medical or public health look at these issues; rather, it will look into the ethics and ideas and controversies behind these concepts. Right up my alley, really.


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