Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Toot toot

Blowing my own horn a bit, but here's a recent review from a Second Womb customer.

I want to remind everyone to enter my ring sling giveaway & sale--deadline is December 18th. If you are thinking of buying a sling, don't forget to take advantage of the free shipping & extra giveaway entries, good through December 18th. Visit Second Womb Slings for a look at the current selection of fabrics.

And for those do-it-yourself types, I have created pleated ring sling and padded pouch sling tutorials.

Happy babywearing!


  1. I am one that has a preference for my Moby when my babes are wee, but I really enjoy the sling (the brown one featured in the photo!) I purchased from you, too, Rixa! Rob especially fancies it over the Moby even! They really are great slings and your service and ship time are outstanding. I second this review!!

  2. Hey Rixa!

    Do you do doll slings?

  3. I do (assuming you mean child-size slings for carrying around dolls or stuffed animals). I don't have any already made up right now, but I do have lots of small sling rings and fabric pieces just the right size for doll slings. I usually ask $10. If you're interested I can take a picture of all the fabric pieces in my stash and send it to you.

  4. Your sling is seriously without exaggeration my most used and beloved baby gift I've ever received. I've used it daily for a year and a half. Even back when I was still using my wrap, or now that I prefer a back carrier for longer outings, it's FOREVER easier to pop a baby in the sling. And I do think fondly of you every time I put it on, too!


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