Monday, January 12, 2009

Belly shot: 24 weeks

24.2 weeks from LMP. I'm measuring around 26-27 cms, which is a few centimeters larger than my last pregnancy. But my weight gain has been slower so far this time around, which I find curious. No major complaints, just feeling quite squished and out of breath at times.

And I think it's time to change to a maternity shirt soon! This one is so snug now that you can see where the waistline of my maternity jeans presses into my stomach.


  1. Hey! Weren't we getting underwear shots last time?

    And -- showing earlier/measuring bigger has got to be the most common characteristic of 2nd & later pregnancies, right?

  2. Yep, you got the cellulite and (non-baby) belly bumps last time around! This time I didn't feel like undressing. In part because my house is COLD.

  3. i love following your blog & I'm so jealous of your pics :) you look awesome for 24 weeks :)

  4. You look great, Rixa! Really great. Hey, I was in full-on maternity clothes by about 12 weeks last time, so 24 weeks is awesome if you are still in regular clothes.

    I don't blame you for not posting undressed shots. I took some BEFORE photos of myself today (in a tankini) for the Body for Life thing I'm doing, and there is NO WAY I am posting those on the Internet. No way at all! Or at least not until I have some good AFTER shots to post next to them. ;) Yikes!

  5. Ah, primips in undies....multips in jeans and long sleeves ; )

    Kidding. You are in wonderful shape and the only time I show any skin in this weather is to jump into the hot shower!!!! I have had a chill for weeks!

    I wonder when/If you will explode into a giant circle?


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