Monday, August 02, 2010

American Gothic, or what we did last week

90+ degree heat, high humidity, and swarms of bugs did not deter us from installing 200 feet of privacy fence before we left for a family reunion last Thursday. Here we are mid-project. One of the days had a heat advisory and a heat index of over 100. Around 3 pm we were positively wilting and wondering "What's wrong with us? Why can we hardly move?" Then we figured out how hot it was and called it a day.

Anyway, I'm taking a blogging break until I get back from the reunion late next week. Later...


  1. don't they have machines you can rent that will dig those holes??

    i'm 8 mos. pregnant, and a 10pm walk in the heat is too much for me it seems, I can't imagine a project like that.

  2. Yes, we had a friend with a Bobcat and an auger attachment come help us dig the holes. Thing is, there's still tons of manual work involved even with an auger doing the holes. You have to clear out all the loose dirt from the holes with a post hole digger and if the holes aren't positioned just perfectly, you have to dig them out so the poles end up in the right place. And of course there's the 80-lb bags of concrete to carry and mix, the posts to carry, the fence panels to lift & install...etc...lots of work.


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