Monday, January 17, 2011

Undercover Mama

One of the things I hate about nursing in the wintertime is exposing my body to the cold when I lift my shirt up. I have a few winters tops with necklines low enough to pull down and "nurse from the top," so to speak. But most of my winter wardrobe is geared towards staying warm. That means a lot of high necklines and turtlenecks.

For that matter, I'm not a huge fan of lifting my shirt up even in the summertime. Especially right after I've had a baby, with all those postpartum folds and bulges!

So when I heard about Undercover Mama, my first thought was "brilliant! I've got to try one out." The Undercover Mama is a strapless tank that clips onto your nursing bra. It's a simple, yet genius, idea. After all, nursing tanks only fit the lucky few who have exactly the right bust size and shape. The rest of us have to stick with our nursing bras.

The Undercover Mama solves this problem, allowing you to wear your own bras and turn them into a nursing tank. This means that any shirt can become a nursing shirt, no matter the fit or style. Here's how it works: You put on your bra, then the Undercover Mama (which is like a tank top, minus the straps), and clip the hooks onto the part of your nursing bra that folds down.
Here's what it looks like partially unclipped:

I contacted Undercover Mama to see if they'd let me review their product. They were happy to send me one. They also let me know a bit more about the company's origins and founders. Elisa came up with the idea and partnered up with Elena, a childhood friend, to bring Undercover to the world in 2010. Here's Elisa's story:
Shortly after the birth of my fourth child, I became frustrated with the lack of options I had for nursing wear. I didn't want to buy a whole new wardrobe to feel comfortable while nursing. I was aching to get back into my regular, everyday clothes. The problem I faced was when I pulled my shirt up to nurse in public I was left with my back, side and belly partially exposed; not something I loved showing off, especially after having a baby. I wanted something to keep my skin "undercover", but I didn't want to deal with more clasps, flaps, etc. to dig through and do back up each time I nursed my baby. When I didn't find what I was hoping for, I designed it myself. I continued to make changes and improve it and realized how much I enjoyed wearing it. I thought just maybe other mamas out there were looking for a solution to the same issues I had faced. After many months of research and testing, Undercover Mama was born. I hope it helps you to be more comfortable so you can more fully enjoy the wonderful experience of nursing.
The Undercover Mama is soft, super stretchy (5% spandex and 95% cotton), and plenty long. It goes far down over the hips, giving ample coverage over the waist and hip areas. You generally order a size smaller than your regular shirt size. I usually wear size medium, so I ordered a small. It easily stretched (albeit snugly!) over my large pregnant belly. If you like a looser fit, you can go with your normal shirt size.

The Undercover Mama comes in 7 different colors, from size S to XXL. You can order it online or at any of these store locations.


  1. What a good idea, especially for women with large cup sizes! When I worked in a store selling nursing clothing, women loved the Glamourmom tanks but those shirts just couldn't accomodate some of the larger cup sizes.

    If you don't like hitching up the bottom, you might also be interested in the Boob brand of clothing from Sweden. They have a neat double flap system along the front that keeps the tummy covered. (It seems like the flap would be really glaring, but it doesn't end up looking that way as long as the shirt fits well, it just looks like part of the design - here's an example:

    With a similar principle, a lot of women at the store where I used to work would buy the Boob tank tops to layer under clothing so even if they had to hitch up other layers, they were still covered when they got down to the base level.

    The only drawback is that they aren't cheap! Most women I saw would buy a few basics and wear them to death.

    The other very popular top for keeping tummy coverage was the Japanese Weekend crossover nursing top:
    It's hard to tell from the photos, but you can pull up the bottom of each of the criss-cross panels for access. And I swear to god, those tops looked good on EVERYbody (but DEFINITELY order at least a size smaller than your usual shirt size, otherwise they will be baggy and not as cute.)

  2. GENIUS! Love it!

  3. I've used a Bella Band for a similar effect, but the problem with those is that they roll up and down under your shirt. I can see the benefit in these over the band. I may have to check 'em out the next time I have a baby. Our nursing days are numbered here.

  4. Those look great. With my second I bought a few Modest Middles tanks. The idea is similar, Modest Middles have straps but the neckline scoops underneath your breasts leaving tummy and back covered and breasts exposed. I wore them all the time when my son was new.

  5. What a great idea! I've never had any luck at any point in my third trimester or in the last 6 months post-pregnancy, when it comes to finding a nursing tank that fit nicely. I'd love to try this product!


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