Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Home Birth Summit!

I'm heading off to the Home Birth Summit early tomorrow morning. I am so excited to participate! There are about 80 delegates attending (click on their names for bios), some of whom I know in person and others I know through reading their books or articles. I can't wait to meet Lauren Plante or Mark Sloan, author of Birth Day.

If you aren't attending but would like to contribute, you can do the following:

1. Share your thoughts here

2. Help cover my registration costs by purchasing a sling or advertising on my blog. I have a current 3-for-1 advertising promotion where you can purchase 3 months for the price of 1, or 1 month at 67% off! The Summit received grant money to cover some travel expenses, but I still have to pay for registration and housing (~$600) on my own. Finances are tight right now and I almost didn't go. But I just couldn't pass up on such an important event.

I might not be able to offer matching ceramic yoni charm bracelets, but I'll definitely give you a virtual home birth hug-fest.


  1. Hey Rixa! Sorry to go off topic, but I seem to remember a plush diaper with the international breastfeeding symbol on your site. Am I crazy, or did you do a giveaway with one of those once? =) I really want to see if I can buy one somewhere, but search engine searches aren't producing the plush one. There's a pocket diaper with the symbol embroidered on it, but I seem to remember the plush one and kind of prefer that one! I've searched your site too, but can't seem to find it! Maybe I'm just nutso. If you have a chance, point me towards it, or let me know my memory is off! Thanks...

  2. To all HBS delegates from home birth consumers -- do not sell out the CPM credential or try to force CPM education into an institutional model. Education for home birth midwives must be community-based and accessible to low income women and women of color. Moving it to the university is not only a bad idea but simply will not work. Forcing nurses to get bachelor's degrees did nothing to improve how MDs treated or thought about them. And, even if it were a good idea (which it isn't), moving CPM education to university campuses would never happen in the US because of opposition from nursing and medical schools.


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