Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Zari is 5!

Zari turned 5 on Halloween and we were too busy doing Halloween-y things to write about it. Like carving birthing pumpkins and dressing up as Zorro (Eric), a "fancy lady from a long time ago" (me), a jellyfish (Zari), a dragon (Dio), and a "mini me" (Inga in a black cape that matched Eric's).

We also didn't take any pictures of her. Oops!

But I did take several pictures of her cake. Zari requested an "earth cake." Can do. Using the same recipe from Inga's Blessingway cake, I dyed the batter blue and green to match the frosting. 

North America turned out pretty well.

Europe, Africa, and Asia were a bit iffy.

After I did those continents, I realized that I left no room for Antarctica and the Arctic. Blame it on global warming.

We had lots of batter left over, so we made a few dozen cupcakes decorated with Swedish Fish. Why Swedish Fish? I don't seemed appropriate.

We also had a volcano-shaped piece of cake trimming. I dyed applesauce red to make lava. Only the final effect was meatloaf with ketchup, not a volcano spewing molten lava. It's still sitting in the fridge.

We had family visiting over the weekend: my mom, my two younger sisters and their kids. 6 adults + 8 children in one house = 1,352,759 decibels. I needed to decompress from the noise and commotion.

I've been telling Zari, "I am happy that you are 5 years old but sad that you're growing up so fast." This usually leads to a conversation about how she will some day be grown up and become a mama with her own children, and then I will be the grandma. I mentioned once that I would be sad because she wouldn't be living with me any more when she is grown up.

She replied, "But I don't want to live in a different house. I want to live in your house when I am a mama!"

I can't argue with that.

Five years is a huge milestone. Zari is learning to read, just mastered riding a "real" bike, speaks fluently in French as well as English (thanks to Eric speaking only French to her starting a bit over a year ago), and has a vivid imagination and a very good memory. She's old enough to have lifelong memories now. Wonderful and kind of scary, from a parent's perspective.

In lieu of birthday pictures, here's a snapshot from a few nights ago:


  1. Ooh, a jellyfish? Awesome! Lovely cake too.

  2. So exciting! She looks so grown up, I can't believe it's been 5 years! Awesome cake job!! :)

    Also wanted to come see if you had any advice or good articles on a nursing strike. My cousin is having one with her 9 mo old, pretty much refusing to nurse (or oddly enough, take a bottle either) for the past several days. She really wants to continue bfing. Thanks in advance!!

  3. the last picture is sooo perfect. I first saw Inga's sweet and kind of perplexed look, but it's such a cute picture of all 3. and yes, zari is a big girl now!

  4. Happy Belated birthday Zari! Love the pics, how plump Inga is!! Would love to see pics of the costumes. And the pumpkin giving birth was TOOO FUNNY! I almost split in two! Love the chillaxed face in the "birth pool"!
    My own Lizzie just turned 1! They do grow up too fast ;(

  5. Hi Rixa,
    Great job on the world cake! Back when we met, we were being trained to see the "The World [as] Our Campus." I'm glad to see that it still is. My friend is a big follower of your blog, and when she said Rixa, I was sure it would be you. How delightful to see what you've been up to in the past decade. Scott and I have three natural born wonders ourselves. Would love to catch up sometime.
    -Lorena Perry
    My email is(my name above run together)


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