Saturday, December 31, 2011

A simple Christmas?

I follow a few design blogs (Little Green Notebook and more recently Centsational Girl, after I found her board and batten tutorial). I saw CG's home tour a few weeks ago and laughed at how she described her holiday decorating:
I’m keeping it simple, my decor this year is mostly garland for scent, poinsettias scattered here and there, ornaments in various vessels, and always branches ~ simple touches since I want to spend most of the next week enjoying the twinkle lights, the baked goodies, the traditions, and our family.
Beautiful and magazine-worthy? Yes. Simple? No. 

My definition of simple Christmas decorating goes like this:
1. Buy a tree (but only on years when we'll be at home for Christmas)
2. Decorate the tree with hand-me-down ornaments from my own childhood. Nothing matches and I love it that way. 
3. Put up a nativity set and felted wool stockings for the kids
4. Done!
Now I don't think there's anything wrong with elaborate holiday decorating. But there's also no need for false modesty. If you do something that you're proud of, own it. It won't spoil the effect if you are upfront about how much effort it really took.

While my decorating is definitely simple, my family's style of get-togethers is definitely not. We hosted my entire immediate family. With 17 people staying in our house and 19 people total, it was chaotic (in a good way) and busy and productive. We ate amazing food, spent lots of time reading and talking and playing games, and worked on several projects. My dad made wooden marble runs for the grandkids and helped me with several electrical/wiring projects. Pictures coming once I get around to it!

I'll end 2011 with a picture taken on Christmas day after church and before we opened presents.


  1. I love the family pictures!

  2. Happy new year. :)

    Your blog helps me not only learn but to get some sanity.

    And I totally agree with your view of "simple" Christmas decorating. My house is about the same. My baking on the other hand...I shout from the roof tops how awesome it is...not simple. :)

  3. Is that like when you feverishly clean the house before someone stops by then say "excuse the mess" even though you just cleaned your butt off?

  4. I totally agree. Our ornaments are mismatched and we set out some holiday candles on the dining room table. If you walk through your house scattering "holiday touches" here and there, you've moved beyond simple into complicated, IMO! Just the thought of cleaning all that up! :)

  5. Decorating in my house is about the same plus a wreath for the door. I love how elaborate decorations look in other people's homes, but for me it just makes me think of all the work it will take to take them down.


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