Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Dominant Traits

My husband Eric--a writer & professor of English & creative writing--recently published his first collection of short stories, Dominant Traits. It's published in the US by DuFour Editions and in Canada by Oberon Press.

Here's a review of his book from Booklist:
A husband struggling with guilt over his infertility, a mother revealing to her son his father’s true identity, and a college student working a labor-intensive summer job figure in just three of the dozen excellent stories in this collection. From the convenience-store worker to the high-school teacher and basketball coach, from a young man facing his Hutterite relatives to a Mormon father confronting a group of goth-style teenagers, the collection spans a wide variety of ages, occupations, and religions, making each story unique. Freeze’s focus isn’t on his characters’ jobs or belief systems, though, but on the way that their fears shape them; for example, the stage actor who becomes increasingly introverted the more he believes other cast members dislike him, and the mother who is scared that her son will have no better a life than his parents’. With clean description and great attention to detail, Freeze produces realistic, believable people and delves deeply into their psyches to create truly enjoyable character studies that really make the reader think.— Cortney Ophoff
He's been away a lot this semester on book tours. It's been a bit crazy being a single parent so much, but I'm happy that he's been able to promote his book. He has readings tonight in Salt Lake City and Friday at BYU-Provo. If you're in those areas, come on over to his readings!

Wednesday, March 7, 7:00 PM
City Art Reading Series at the Salt Lake City Public Library w/ Pam Balluck
210 East 400 South, Salt Lake, UT 84111

Friday, March 9, noon
Brigham Young University English Department Reading Series
1080 HBLL Auditorium, Provo, UT, United States 84604

Copies of his book are currently on sale at Amazon. Buy one now!


  1. OOOH I want to read it! Sounds great! Now I want to read both of your books!

    Hope you don't go too crazy before he gets back, LOL! LOVE the new sling fabrics! I'm gonna get one for my Lil'Sis who is due in July! TTL

  2. I'm super distressed that I read this post 3 days too late to go to your husbands reading at BYU. I totally would have gone!

  3. Wow! This looks really interesting! The description reminds me of The Rummage Sale by Don Marshall. Any chance he was an influence?


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