Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of school

I sent Zari off to kindergarten this morning--still with some strong reservations about full-day school. She was really excited to go. On the way home she told us all about the stories and songs and treasure hunts they did.

I also wanted to wish a warm welcome to a baby born less than an hour ago in our master bedroom...a planned vaginal breech birth! Baby and parents are resting, and I am all smiles. More details when/if the parents want to share.

It has been a crazy day.


  1. I cannot believe Zari is in K already! Liam is also loving it - started last week.

    How exciting that another baby was born in your house - a lucky couple and baby indeed, to be welcomed in the Freeze home. I cannot imagine a more loving place to come earth-side <3 I look forward to hearing more, when the time is right.


  2. She's adorable - I see a lot of you in her! Hope she loved the first day.


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