Sunday, September 09, 2012

18 months old!

Inga has definitely earned the title "toddler." Goodbye, baby. Hello, little girl. She's one of the pack now, following her siblings around and imitating whatever they're doing.

New words since last month:
  • juice
  • baby
  • cup
  • push
  • shoe (said the right way with much emphasis--she loves wearing shoes!)
  • Dio (dao)
  • ball
  • moi ("me" in French)
  • num (when she wants to eat)
  • toes
  • no
  • yay
  • cheese
  • apple
  • pastèque ("watermelon" in French) 
  • wow
  • ow
  • thank you

Many of these words are hard for others to distinguish, but at least we know what she's saying. I remember that Zari, unlike Inga, enunciated her words perfectly from the start.

No other big changes to report. Inga's still nursing 2-3 times a day. Still haven't caught a single pee or poop. She's really interested in pottying, though. She signs "potty" whenever one of us is going, and often she'll want to sit on her potty, too. I just wish she hadn't forgot how to go!

She's started wanting to run and walk everywhere, rather than ride in her stroller. On a typical day she'll ride half the time and run the rest. This can add up to a mile or more of running every day. She's going to be a very fast kid if she keeps this up.

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