Thursday, February 14, 2013

You're invited to my Blessingway!

I hope you can be a part of my Blessingway! I've decided to host a virtual celebration before the baby comes. Then after the birth, I'll have a gathering at my house for friends and family to welcome the baby earthside.

I hope all of you can join in helping me prepare for this baby's arrival by sending a bead, a note of encouragement or wisdom, and something to decorate my birthing space. If you can't send something by mail, please email your contributions, and I will print them out for you. I'll be keeping everything I receive to put into a memory book.

Please send your blessings as soon as you can. I have a jewelry maker friend who's going to help me put the necklace together. I'm a day away from being 35 weeks--yikes!--so time is short for her to collect all the beads and then ship the finished product to me.

I hope you can all be a part of this celebration!


  1. Awesome! Preparing a package to send tomorrow. =0)

  2. Excellent, I'll be there :) Now...what can I craft and get posted to you in time?!

  3. How did I miss this? Well, please count me in. I'll do my best to send something along before the end of the week!

    1. Hi Rixa,I'm sending you a bead, I know it's late and if it doesn't make the necklace just use it for something else!


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