Monday, July 15, 2013

In search of the perfect nursing pajamas...Angel Sleep Nursing Tank Nightie

I don't ever remember buying myself proper pajamas. I've always worn old scrubs or secondhand yoga pants. When I was pregnant with Ivy, I decided that I deserved a really nice nightgown or pajamas. Problem is, I live in a small town that has basically one clothing store: Walmart. No thank you. I was stuck buying things online and hoping I liked them.

Today's review is about the Angel Sleep Nursing Tank Nightie in charcoal/pink, made by Breast is Best. I bought it at Zulily for $25; normal retail is $36. The fabric is a soft and stretchy 92% cotton 8% lycra.

I really like the nightgown. It's soft, comfortable, and cool in hot, sticky summer weather.

But it has one big flaw: a neckline that's easily stretched out. Breast is Best advertises that "the gentle elastic in the crossover top is pulled aside to nurse with ease." Well, there's no elastic in the neckline at all, just the knit edge binding. It's stretchy, but it's not made of elastic. And here's the result after just one night of use:

Pardon the gray, threadbare, stretched-out nursing bra peeking out underneath! The nightgown was this stretched out after just one night. After the second night, my breasts were basically hanging out.

Fortunately, I am skilled with a sewing machine. I spent a few hours taking apart the entire neckline, gathering each side with narrow elastic, and then reapplying the knit edge binding. I took 8" total off the neckline, 4" on each side. It looks much better now.

I wrote in to Breast is Best's customer service with my detailed feedback; they responded that they will "look closely into the neckline and hope that we can make it better. I have been selling this nightie for many years and this is the first negative feedback I have received."

It's really too bad the neckline isn't more resilient. I like everything else about this nursing nightgown, and I still wear it a lot.

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  1. I usually wear a tanktop with a built-in shelf bra that can just be pulled down to nurse. If its cool enough, I have a few old v-neck t shirts with the opening cut further down so they can be pulled down as well. They don't look particularly nice but they are comfortable and functional.


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