Friday, September 27, 2013

Ivy is 6 months old!

Ivy has been (figuratively) running from one milestone to another. She started commando-style crawling right after she turned 5 months old. Just this week she crawled for real. She has started to twist from a crawl into a sideways supported sit. She has otherwise skipped the sitting phrase altogether. Because sitting is for babies.

And this morning, Eric found her standing up, cruising along the open dishwasher. He turned away for a moment, and she pulled the dishrack off and on top of herself. Slow down little Ivy! You have plenty of time to learn how to walk and run. Just be a baby for a little longer.

She's all over the house, getting into the houseplants, stuffing every scrap of paper she can find into her mouth. She LOVES paper. I'm always fishing out wads of shewed-up paper from the top of her mouth.

She pees really well whenever I cue her, and we occasionally get some poops too. It's a bit tricky because she only poops once every several days. And talk about stinky poop! I thought breastmilk poop wasn't smelly until I had a baby who poops infrequently.

Sleep: not great. She loved the baby hammock I made last month for about a day. Grrrrr. I finally changed a few things that seem to have helped. I stopped swaddling her arms, and I took away the rolled-up towels that kept her from rolling over in her crib. And I stopped co-sleeping at night (sniff). She's still next to me in her crib, but she was rolling and wiggling so much at night that no one was sleeping well. Now, she can be a ping-pong ball all she wants in her crib. And she can sleep on her stomach--definitely her preferred position. Some nights are okay, but more typically she still wakes up 3-4 times in a 12-hour stretch.

She's so interested in what her siblings are doing. She's started making little growling/roaring noises (we call them dinosaur noises), which makes us bust out laughing.

Getting her to nurse is next to impossible unless I'm in a dark, quiet room. She likes to fiddle with her ear when she nurses. She definitely knows what "nurse" means. Now if she'd only do it! She's still plenty chubby, weighing in at 16 pounds a few weeks ago.

Now it's show-off time. Here is Ivy commando-style crawling (a.k.a. seal-style crawling)

And here is Ivy crawling for real


  1. Six months old?! Already?! (I know that you know just how fast the time flies.)

    My second son, Alec, also loved to shove paper in his mouth. I love those little quirky things about babies. (Except, of course, when they are trying to eat things that the really shouldn't put in their mouths...)

    Well done on the crawling, Ivy.

  2. I love the videos! My son is just a couple weeks older than Ivy and they have so much in common. He loves paper too! He's been pulling up since before he could really crawl and it gets him into all sorts of trouble because he cant always get back down without falling over. I made him a pudding cap to calm my nerves. Often I'll put him in my carrier just so I can stop worrying for a bit. Also, ditto on the infrequent poop thing, He's 100% breastfed and poops like he's on solids. While I've offered him taste of foods, he's not really interested in swallowing them, unless it's paper. I put him on probiotics to see if it might help, and I've been taking them too to see if they help with my allergies and reoccurring plugged ducts. They've helped, but he still every few days...which is better than once a week that's for sure.

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe she is crawling...where are our sleeping newborns.?

    It's so fun to read where you are at so that I can prepare myself for where we will be in a few months! = )

  4. Ivy is just adorable, Rixa, hope her baby ways aren't totally gone yet.

    Everything in the mouth-yes indeed, we can relate to that. The little (19 lb-8.6 kg) ten-month old I nanny full-time is a mouth-baby; my first in a string of infants who didn't, so my world is quite different. He can be indifferent about solids one day and apparently ravenous the next... who really knows what they're thinking about ?~! Happy October, can't wait to see what you all do for Halloween...


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