Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy 7th birthday Zari!

Halloween is a great time for a birthday.

We did our usual birthday celebrations: homemade cake, opening presents (wrapped in brown paper--who needs wrapping paper when you have paper shopping bags?), looking at Zari's memory book, and reading her birth story.

This year Zari said she wanted a fancy cake that she could decorate. I made a 4-layer pink ombre cake. I even dyed the pink frosting 3 different shades. I frosted the cake, then put Zari in charge of decorating it.

I love ombre!

We embarked on a new adventure last week and invited a family with 8 children to come live with us. They spent more than half a year driving around the United States, up and down both coasts and all over in between. With colder weather moving in, they were getting really cold living in a tent. Our kids are in heaven with all the playmates around. And my house has never been cleaner, thanks to all the industrious helpers I now have!

Happy Birthday Zari! You can read her birth story here or browse around the November 2006 archives to read more about her early days with us.


  1. The cake is beautiful! And Zari looks so grown up.

  2. You know I love that cake so much! Happy (late) Birthday Zari! And Happy Birth Day Rixa!! :-)

  3. Happy birthday, Zari! That cake is adorable, too - and she looks so grown-up now!


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