Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ivy's epic story

On Zari's birthday, Ivy started telling a story. It was epic. She included dramatic gestures, earnest facial expressions, and carefully timed pauses. It lasted at least 20 minutes. I caught a few minutes on film.

If only we knew what she was saying.


  1. My oldest used to do this, though he was also tall and big for his age so people expected him to be speaking properly already. One day we were at Ikea having lunch (I know.) and he was over in the little play area trying to interact with other kids. Suddenly I noticed they were all standing in a tight circle around him, listening to one of his 'stories'. Then, the oldest nodded her head sagely, and told the rest, "Oooh. He speaks Spanish." The rest all looked relieved, and went back to their playing. I laughed so hard! Bless Ivy's little cotton socks! Love it.

  2. Ivy may be sharing anything but I like to believe she is telling her birth story. She is very proud of herself for finding her way down the birth canal and out into the big world! It was an important time and quite a journey. She may be remembering and sharing some little details about her experience. She is glad to be here! Sometimes around this age and until the age of four children can remember their births and, without prompting, will tell how they were born.

  3. Oh, I like this idea Rosie :)


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