Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Master bedroom: before & after pictures

Hooray! I love posting these pictures, because it means we are DONE. (Well, we still need to install a railing on the sleeping loft...)

Done enough.

Picture from the real estate listing

What it really looked like when Eric visited


Remember when we ripped out the rotten shower? Mold and spongy wood everywhere.

Everything torn out


I have a thing for turning furniture into sinks....we found this marble-topped coiffeuse on leboncoin (40 Euros!) and added a sink & faucet. I found the mirror at a thrift shop (30 Euros) and painted it with silver gilding paint.

The green leather chair was an absolute steal for 30 Euros at my favorite consignment store. Wool rug was only 18 Euros. Sold. Eric found the antique writing desk on leboncoin. The seller lived in Monaco, so we made a day trip and visited the aquarium. It was a miracle that the desk fit inside the car.

I want to put an armoire along this blank wall.

View of the entry hall.

The sleeping loft. The kids are forbidden from going up until we install the railing. I found the chandelier for 10 Euros. I love leboncoin!


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