Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Forest Fairies

We missed out on Halloween last year. The closest festival in France involving costumes is Carnival in late February. But it's still not the same...

Zari and Dio both wanted new costumes. I said I'd made them costumes if we could use supplies we already had at home. I found a bin full of leather scraps from a boot factory. And a deerhide (no idea where that came from--probably my dad?) And of course lots of fabric.

Zari wanted a medieval-looking dress and a leather belt that looked like leaves joined together. Once Dio saw Zari's belt, he wanted one, too. There was just enough deerhide to make him a little vest. For the final touches, we picked leaves and stapled them together into crowns. Fall Forest Fairies!

Zari's dress was made of silk dupioni. I made it mostly without a pattern. Zari sketched her ideas on paper, I made occasional suggestions, and voila!

I was having so much fun hammering copper rivets and re-using old belt buckles that I made myself a leather underbust corset. I was going for a Steampunk feel. I used this underbust pattern tutorial and modified it into a 5-piece pattern; with 1/8" thick leather, I wanted as few seams as possible.

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