Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy birthday Inga and Ivy!

Happy birthday Inga (5) and Ivy (3)!

I don't have any pictures of Inga on her birthday, just videos, but here's her cake. She drew me a pictures of a multi-layered turquoise cake and said "make this cake for me, mama!" The inside was 3 shades of turquoise. 

Ivy just turned 3 yesterday. 

We didn't have wrapping paper, so we used play scarves from the toy shelves.

Ivy has been asking all week for "a crown, a rainbow skirt, some sparkles, and some jewels." I bought her a sparkly rhinestone headband and made her a rainbow skirt, so that takes care of all four, right?

Eric modeling the skirt on his head, to the great hilarity of all the children

She wanted a "rainbow heart cake" so here's what we did:

It's rainbow colored inside!

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  1. Happiest Birthdays to the Girls. What delightful cakes !~! i could eat either one and be the smiliest guest at the party.


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