Saturday, July 09, 2016

Rebekka Visser: Guidelines and Realities, Dreams and Controversies

First International Breech Conference, Day 1
Rebekka Visser
Guidelines and Realities, Dreams and Controversies

A Dutch midwife from Usquert, Rebekka Visser is an advocate for women who want hands-off, self-directed breech births. Her midwifery practice is called Springtij.

In lieu of posting a summary of Rebekka's remarks, I will direct you to her blog, where she posted her presentation: "Let's Look Beyond Our Fishbowl."

At the end of Rebekka's lecture, an audience member asked other attendees about how breech skills are taught in their locations. Is breech taught as an emergency procedure? Or is it taught as a normal birth skill?

We had responses from many other audience members. I remember hearing someone comment that when breech is taught as an emergency skill, the rate of vaginal breech birth in a maternity unit actually goes down. This emphasizes the importance of teaching breech as part of normal birth skills, rather than labeling it as an "emergency."


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