Sunday, October 30, 2016

Breech updates

A busy semester has kept me from finishing the summaries of the Amsterdam Breech Conference. Please be patient--I'll get them done eventually!

Starting this January, Eric and I are both taking a semester's unpaid leave so I can work on several breech projects. We'll be moving back to Nice so I'll be in closer proximity to my primary collaborator, Shawn Walker.

I just submitted an IRB proposal to study what helps and what hinders vaginal breech in American hospitals. I'll be interviewing maternity care providers, associated health care providers who are present during breech births (such as L&D nurses, pediatricians, and anesthesiologists), and hospital administrators.

Photo from North of England Breech Conference

Upcoming breech conferences & training sessions:

Jan. 14, 2017 (Norwich): Physiological Breech Birth Study Day
Learn from Dr. Anke Reitter, Shawn Walker, Victoria Cochrane, and Eamonn Breslin

March 31-Apr 1, 2017 (Sheffield): North of England Breech Conference II
Speakers include Dr Frank Louwen, Jane Evans, Dr Anke Reitter, Gail Tully, Dr Andrew Bisits, and Johanna Rhys-Davies (from the charity Birthrites).

I'll be attending the North of England conference in Sheffield. Hope to see you there!


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