Monday, June 12, 2017

A car birth, a bus birth, a yurt birth, an en caul birth, and a mother-supported birth

This reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book...
I can give birth in a car
I can give birth in a bus
in a yurt
with the caul
with my mom
A car birth
An Australian family pulls over onto the side of the road and has their baby in front of an apple shop.

A bus birth

A yurt birth
Through June 18, you can have your baby in this fully-equipped yurt in the middle of the Amsterdamse Bos. No charge to use the yurt. Sponsored by Birth Project: Look Again, which is hosting a number of activities in June. More information here.

An en caul water birth
The father lifts the caul off his daughter's face after she is born. Watch the video and read the birth story.

A mother-supported birth
A mother supports her daughter having her second home birth


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