Monday, November 20, 2017

Consent for a forced cesarean

This summer I was listening to Dr. Stu's Podcast while repainting the windows on my carriage house. (Whenever I listen to something memorable, I also distinctly remember the location where I was listening--does the same thing happen to you?) It was an episode about Consent for a forced cesarean.

In a blog post, Dr. Stu explains why he created a consent document for women being forced into having an unwanted cesarean section due to hospital policy banning breech, VBAC, or vaginal twins. The consent form is brilliant.

If all women being forced into unwanted cesareans asked their hospitals to sign this consent form before their surgery, hospital bans on vaginal birth for breech, twins, and VBACs might change overnight.

The consent form documents that the woman does not consent to the surgery, that ACOG's guidelines allow for vaginal birth in these situations and forbid the use of force or coercion, and that the hospital will be responsible for any complications due to the surgical birth, both short- and long-term.

Dr. Stu has invited everyone to download, edit, and distribute his consent form widely.

ps--I would suggest adding ACOG's 2016 Committee Opinion on Refusal of Medically Recommended Treatment During Pregnancy to the list of references.


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