Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Call for 2019 breech workshops

Who wants a breech workshop in their area in 2019?

Dr. David Hayes and I are thinking of blocking off a month or two in 2019 (probably August & September) to teach breech workshops around the country--and farther afield if you want us to come! Dr. Hayes is already getting inquiries from pregnant clients due in August, so he needs to decide relatively soon when to stop accepting clients.

Dr. Hayes is an obstetrician with Harvest Moon Women's Health who attends home births in Asheville, NC. He has experience attending breech in both hospital and out-of-hospital settings.

If you would like us to come teach a 2-day breech workshop near you, please let us know ASAP. We'd love to come teach breech in your area!

Your obligations:
  • find a venue
  • organize food/drinks
  • advertise
Our obligations:
  • set up online ticket sales
  • advertise
  • teach
  • provide ACNM & MEAC CEUs (we are also willing to apply for CMEs if your institution can help with that process)
We will reimburse all of your expenses such as venue rental, food, etc. After covering our travel expenses & speaking fees, all leftover proceeds will be donated to Breech Without Borders.


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